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Compressed Air Filters for Mobile and Rail Applications

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With the continued development of APSL products, a new compressed air filter dedicated to mobile & rail applications has been developed to provide superior filtration in arduous conditions. To accompany this new filtration product, a mobile & rail applications brochure has been made available for download. This new document highlights the significant benefits APSL filters are designed to provide over traditional methods of filtration. Download your copy to see why APSL filters are the future of filtration.


Abstract: “Air Purification Skroll Limited (APSL) filters are new and specifically designed to operate in the arduous conditions that exist in rail and other mobile applications. Compressed air contains contaminants such as dirt, condensed water and oil. Quality classes for the permitted levels of these contaminants are contained in ISO8573-1. The APSL rail filters remove these contaminants to the specified quality classes necessary to provide protection to compressed air adsorption dryers.”


AP Skroll provides significant benefits over existing technologies:

  1. Reduction in energy usage by reducing pressure loss (up to 25%).
  2. Significantly reduced purge losses due to Skroll’s ability to match air dryness to the application (e.g. 40°C (20% RH) in transport applications).
  3. Eliminated waste products by removing or reducing requirements for filtration, while extending maintenance intervals.
  4. Reduces and minimises servicing requirement due to its high tolerance for misuse.
  5. Provides long-life dust free performance extending or eliminating service intervals.
  6. Reduced system life costs with low installation and integration costs.
  7. Provides a simpler, more cost-effective integration into systems eliminating the need for unplanned servicing and maintenance, reducing down time.

Take a look for yourself and see the benefits of APSL compressed air filters…