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NEW RELEASE… Sizing Air Purification Skroll for Pressure Swing Dryers Technical Paper

The latest in a new series of technical papers dedicated to Skroll media has been released for the sizing of Air Purification Skroll for Pressure Swing Dryers.

This new 4 page paper covers APS sizing parameters, as well as principles of operation, recovery from misuse, features, benefits and much more. Available for download via the link below, download you copy now and see for yourself why Skroll media is meeting the challenges of demanding air & gas purification applications.


Abstract: “Air Purification Skroll is a new adsorption medium, specifically developed for use in compressed air dryers operating in arduous conditions where reliable performance and minimum servicing is required. Conventional dryer solutions are not best suited to such conditions, their performance may be compromised and service requirements intensified. This paper discusses sizing parameters and highlights how AP Skroll medium operates in comparison to traditional beaded technology.”


Take a look for yourself and see the benefits of Skroll media.