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New Technical Paper Released on Air Purification and Dehydration for Small Receiver Mounted Compressors


A new technical paper dedicated to air purification and dehydration for small receiver mounted compressors has been released as part of a new series of technical papers dedicated to APS technology in the filtration of air & gases.

This new 4 page paper covers the challenges of air purification and how APS is meeting those challenges in comparison to traditional filtration systems currently available. With an in-depth review of current technologies such as membrane & twin tower systems, the benefits of this new media are clearly identified as the future choice in demanding applications.


Abstract: “Small receiver mounted compressors are used in many applications that require clean dry air in order to operate safely, effectively and reliably whilst minimising energy consumption and maximising the volume of compressed air available at the critical point of use. Recent technology developments offer a step change in the purification of the compressed air. This paper reviews currently available solutions and the potential for the use of Air Purification Skroll technology.”


Take a look for yourself and see the benefits of APS media.