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Time flies when you are having fun…at least that is what we keep telling our Principal Scientist James Holcroft!


This month, James Holcroft celebrated his 2 year anniversary with Skroll.  James was our first employee and has been instrumental in taking the company to a higher level through the development of cutting edge technologies.


“From learning the serendipitous nature of chemistry with Fraser Stoddart (@sirfrasersays) to the challenging world of engineering at APSL, the last 5 years have certainly flown over.


In my time with Skroll, it would be modest to say I have been on a steep learning curve, often thinking I had a handle on things only to be surprised with the unexpected.


From the ever-changing demands of research and development, helping grow a diverse business, supporting and being supported by a fabulous company, I can honestly say it’s been fun.  As a team, we have continued to push forward together, building a pilot lab, launching trials, moving to larger facilities, installing state of the art R&D and Production units all the while getting bigger but amazingly getting closer as a company. And all in 2 years!  Our achievements?  Patented technology, 3 products to market, unique collaborations and most importantly… satisfied customers.  I’m proud to say bring on the next 2 years.”

Dr James Holcroft, Principal Scientist


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